The Bahrain International circuit

The Bahrain International circuit, Photo courtesy of Allan Donque

A report on the BBC Sport website’s F1 section has reported that BBC Sport has apparently learnt that a number of F1 teams expect the Bahrain Grand Prix 2012 to be called off cdue to security fears. The report failed to give any further details though but actions of teams buying two sets of tickets for staff to go on to either Bahrain or home would suggest they have some uncertainty. One team principal who spoke out earlier this week said that teams were waiting for the FIA to cancel the race but they remained anonymous and Bernie Ecclestone claims he has spoken to teams who are happy to attend and race.


As speculation that the race will be cancelled increases the question of whether the race will be run in 2013 is starting to be considered. Already on Tuesday Bernie Ecclestone suggested that Bahrain’s contract may not be renewed but it was unclear tether he meant after 2016 when the contract is set to end or immediately as Bahrain grand prix organisers will be in breach of contract if this year’s race is cancelled and it may not be a simple job to reinstate the contract.