the new jersey grand prix backdrop

The future New Jersey race's backdrop, photo by Anthony Quintano

The New Jersey street race at the Port Imperial circuit, agreed for 2013 and on the provisional calendar might have to be delayed until 2014 Bernie Ecclestone has said.


This is perhaps not surprising for such an ambitious project. Building a new circuit in the middle of nowhere may be a bigger task in many ways but is more predictable. Planning a new street circuit on the New Jersey shore across from New York’s manhattan skyline was always going to have issues. Ecclestone though has wanted this race for years and there is little chance of him cancelling the race but the construction may need extra time. Construction of the main pit building at Port Imperial may be underway and well developed but other work is only just on schedule to be finished on time or may be a little behind.


Bernie said though that maybe the New York race will be 2013…. It’s a when 2013 or 2014″. A delay to 2014 might be good news of the United States Grand Prix in Texas, the inaugural race is this year but an extra year as the only race in the US may give it a chance to build up more exposure and more of a fan base ahead of the competition from New Jersey.