The view from the South Curve part of the stadium section

The view from the South Curve part of the stadium section, photo by Matze Ott

In 2012 if you want to go to the German Grand Prix you will need to head to Hockenheim, the circuit is of course famous for its stadium section and the atmosphere here is something else, it also gives a good view across much of the beginning and end of the lap.


Having said this about the stadium section that doesn’t necessarily mean you should avoid general admission, with a general admission German Grand Prix ticket you will be out on the back straight; the long curved straight is where the DRS should be located and so might be the best place to see overtaking: you will be stuck in a small area though rather than being able to try several different areas.


There are grandstand Hockenheim tickets in the stadium though for about the same as General admission, from £89, so General Admission isn’t a big feature or so popular here. The Nordtribune has some of the best views of the first corner, in the A section you aren’t too far from the start grid and pits either.


Away from the stadium section is also the expensive Mercedes stand overlooking a good overtaking spot at turn 8 so you may want to consider buying German Grand Prix tickets here as well.