Hockenheim's Stadium Section, 1981,

Hockenheim's Stadium Section, 1981, photo by Mick Dodsworth, all rights reserved

The Hockenheimring was redesigned in 2001 making it much shorter with the long trip through the pine forests almost completely cut out. This means it is a much slower track with the Parabolica being the only real straight, and that’s curved. A good overtaking opportunity has been created at the hairpin following Parabolica though. The Hockenheimring retains the stadium section however, which does feel more like being at an oval circuit with seating all around the outside of the Opal curve.


Either the stadium section for atmosphere and a good view across the Sachs kurve, and start finish straight from the right position, or by the hairpin are the best places to view the Grand Prix from.


Classic Race:

Early in the 1981 race

Early in the 1981 German Grand Prix, photo by Mick Dodsworth, all rights reserved

One of the best ever races at Hockenheim was the 1981 German Grand Prix with a fascinating battle between Alan Jones and Alain Prost. It was Jones chasing Prost for the lead, Prost did everything he could to keep Jones behind, including weaving. Piquet closed on them as they battled and Jones found himself attacking and defending at the same time: this went on for half of the race but Jones just wasn’t fast enough on the straights but then Prost came round to lap Arnoux and got held up meaning Jones got past both of them. Piquet later got past Prost and was chasing down Jones when Jones started having engine problems and dropped down the field.

The Start Finish at Hockenheim,

The Start Finish at Hockenheim, photo by Mick Dodsworth, all rights reserved