Hockenheim's Rathaus, (Town Hall), photo by Rudolf Stricker

Hockenheim, and the Hockenheimring, are well connected in the Rhine Valley and the city of Mannheim is only about 20km away. Hockenheim is a quaint and sleepy town and a typical town for the area in many ways. Its greatest landmark is in fact the Water Tower that was built in 1920 in a Art Nouveau style. Many visitors to the Grand Prix though will want to visit the fantastic Motorsport Museum near the circuit.


Mannheim's Water Tower

Mannheim's Water Tower, photo by Heidas, Wikimedia Commons

Those wanting to go to a larger city will find Manheim, though primarily industrial, pleasant enough. The Mannheim Palace now houses the university but was originally the castle of the city. Motorsport and automobile fans in general may of course know of Mannheim as the city where Karl Benz invented the car; Daimler still have a major presence here.