The Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

Photo By Ricardo Barquín Molero

Istanbul (Turkey) – Overview

The city is split between Europe and Asia with the circuit on the Asian side, a spectacular race to watch and a spectacular city to visit. Turkey itself is a beautiful country with plenty of beautiful beaches not far from Istanbul with many resorts aimed at European tourists, it is one of the best circuits to combine F1 with a family holiday.


The City

Capital of the Eastern Roman Empire and capital of the Byzantine empire as Constantinople, Istanbul has been a major city in many

other empires besides and is today still one of the World’s great cities. East meets West here both geographically and culturally, any one who loves history or great architecture will love this city and so will anybody who enjoys shopping: a mixture of western consumerism and middle eastern Bazaars makes Istanbul unique.


The Circuit

Istanbul Park features one of Modern F1’s great corners in turn 8, turn 1 is another great feature and a great area to spectate from, all in all a great track: the history of greats races here perhaps does it a dis-service. The race here may no longer be on the F1 calender from 2012, so 2011 is a great opportunity to see a circuit that certainly asks the maximum of an F1 care though some would say less so the drivers.