The Magny Cours circuit

The Magny Cours circuit, photo Public Domain

Perhaps the French Grand Prix returning in 2013 isn’t as certain as we had thought, the fact that the venue may apparently still change suggests so: then again this may just be the Nievre department president Patrice Joly being a little hopeful to bring the race to his area, or even a way to gain support in the run up to elections.


Magny Cours last hosted the French Grand Prix in 2008 having hosted it since 2001, the race was cancelled due to poor attendance though and transport problems. A new stretch of motorway to the Magny Cours circuit’s front door could make it more practical than before as a Grand Prix venue and see it become better attended but a race at Paul Ricard not far form Marsaille and other population centres along the southern coast of France is still likely to be better attended and more popular with the teams.


Other advantages of Paul Ricard include the fact it is owned by Bernie Ecclestone who may like to see a Grand Prix there to benefit himself. Guy Ligier, former owner of the Ligier Formula One team has given his support to the race returning to Magny Cours and claims to have Ecclestone’s ear but without knowing how progressed contract talks might be we don’t know if he is likely to have much luck.