Monte Carlo Overview

Monaco Grand Prix 2011 Practice 1

Photo courtesy of Nick J Webb

Monaco the jewel in the crown of Formula One and motor racing in general.


For racing Monaco despitre a lack of overtaking always delivers, for atmosphere there is no equal, quite possibly in any sport or other event in the world.


Despite being on public streets this doesn’t make this a cheap place to watch a Grand Prix, if you do you will probably need to stay outside of Monaco and come into Monte Carlo for the race. Whether you buy a grandstand seat or perch on the hill you can get a great view. The grandstand by the swimming pool gets a good view of cars coming along by the harbour. From the hill though at more of a distance you can see a lot more going on and the sound of the cars still reverberates off of the building and cliffs.


Monaco Monte Carlo Port

Photo by Salvatore Freni

Overtaking is most likely out of the tunnel going down to the chicane, there’s room to skip the chicane if you get it wrong so it is lower risk.


DRS won’t be used in the tunnel though, even during practice, it will be used in the race on the start finish straight though: whether this will work remains to be seen and there is a risk that a car will leave the pits into the middle of an overtaking move.


Safety cars are likely here and even traffic jams if a car blocks the track, red flags are more likely here than anywhere else but the skill of Monaco’s marshals to move damaged cars from anywhere on the track is legendary.