Montreal is Canada’s third city and the largest in the French Speaking Quebec province. Despite becoming a British possession in 1760 Montreal is still proud of its French Heritage that is often more obvious than the British: this includes Roman Catholic Churches and architecture. The modern architecture that is exquisite whether it is a office block, a metro station or a public toilet is awe inspiring and Montreal was Unesco’s city of design 2006.


The Casino de Montreal is alongside the Gilles Villeneuve Grand Prix circuit on the Ile de Notre Dame and is huge, though you can easily lose track of time, and your money here.



Montreal's Casino close to the circuit, photo by Vinod Sankar

Old Montreal is not far from the Ile de Notre Dame alongside the St Lawrence River and is worth exploring during he day or at night. Though many Grand Prix fans come to Montreal for a long weekend it is difficult to fit anywhere near all that Montreal has to offer around the Grand Prix even with the city being so convenient and you could easily enjoy a week here.


If you are into arts there is a unique modern arts scene and also a vibrant music scene with Jazz being the music that most defines Montreal. Once you factor in shopping, eating and drinking and enjoying the nightlife there is something for everyone in Montreal.