Monza (Italy) – Overview

Monza's famous banking

The Famous Pista di Alta Velocità banking, courtesy of Robin Bos

Could Autodromo Nazionale Monza be the most iconic circuit in Formula One? Monaco, Silverstone and Spa may give it a run for its money but it is up there. Likewise it may be the F1 circuit with the most passionate fans with the Tifosi always in mass attendance.


There have been more (championship) Grand Prix here than anywhere else with one a year since 1950,with the exception of 1980, and it seems the safest circuit to stay on the calendar going forward as well.


This is a low downforce circuit, gear ratios and maximising the top speed are vital here, with DRS hitting the limiter could well be an issue. For most of the Lap drivers are full throttle. Cars need to minimise drag for this circuit but low downforce will also see cars moving around under braking and potentially blistering tyres.


Monza itself is a traditional Italian town and great to visit but arguably spoilt by the number of visitors on the Grand Prix weekend. The city of Milan though is also nearby and a great city for sightseeing and shopping. If you fancy a holiday just after the kids have gone back to school the Italian Grand Prix is in late summer with great weather and beautiful beaches not too far from Monza to extend your break on.


The Tifosi at Monza

The Tifosi at Monza, photo by Atom69