Force India at their home Grand Prix

Force India at their home Grand Prix in New Delhi, photo by Worldinframes

The Indian Grand Prix debuting in 2011 was always going to be an exciting place for Formula One to go but people weren’t so sure about the circuit, fans are after all a little fed up with Tilke designed circuits as are many drivers. The Buddh circuit in New Delhi turned out very nicely though and it has some similarities to Spa in terms of challenging fast corners, gradient changes and a four heavy braking areas, which can’t be bad.


In 2011 we saw victory for Vettel and Webber and Button and later Webber and Alonso battling closely together and Massa and Hamilton battling even more closely: leading to a drive through for Massa and a new front wing for Hamilton.


The two chicanes offer some overtaking opportunities as does turn 4. Turn 4 has a wide entry to encourage overtaking, though in 2011 the circuit was still too dusty and dirty from construction for anyone to be willing to go off line but hopefully in future years drivers will be willing to go wide in order to try and make a pass, especially as run offs are reasonable.