Malaysia: Sepang Turn 1

Malaysia: Sepang Turn 1 photo by SoonCM

Australia have already suggested that they aren’t interested in switching to a night race but Bernie Ecclestone is still keen that the Melbourne race and the Sepang race will switch to night races, meaning they are shown on Sunday afternoons in Europe.


The Malaysians though have also said no to a night race or to be more specifics the CEO of the Sepang circuit. As with the organisers of the Albert Park race in Melbourne the cost of staging a night race is just too much it seems.


Datuk Ahmad Razlan Ahmad Razali was speaking following the unveiling of the Tiffany and Co sponsored trophies for next weekend’s Malaysian Grand Prix, he did say though:


“I personally would not encourage a night race but then again, let see what the consultants have come out with their conclusion. The research is still going on and a decision will be made after we have presented our economic impact.” suggesting there is a chance that the stance could change: the consultants are looking to see whether the change to a night race may boost the economic impact but this seems unlikely though race audiences and therefore exposure could increase.


Though some have claimed that Bernie is putting pressure on races including the Australian Grand Prix, Malaysian Grand Prix and others in Asia, Datuk Ahmad Razlan Ahmad Razali did point out that Bernie Ecclestone wasn’t putting pressure on Sepang.