New Renault ambassador Alain Prost , photo courtesy of MEDEF

New Renault ambassador Alain Prost , photo courtesy of MEDEF

Four time world champion Alain Prost has become an ambassador for Renault, he spent the 81, 82 and 83 seasons with the Renault team and won a total of 9 races. The press conferences and interviews he has already given and what he has to say about the French and Russian Grand Prix though are of more interest to us than anything he has to say about Renault themselves, now only really an engine supplier to F1.


On the French Grand Prix unsurprisingly Alain is enthusiastic, like most of us though he would rather that the solution was a seperate French and Belgian Grand Prix every year rather than the shared race between the two, where they will host a race in alternate years. Prost had been involved in the project to bring the French Grand Prix to the vicinity of Paris though, despite backing from the French governement and prime minister it failed and the race is of course going topre existing circuit  Paul Ricard near Marseilles instead.

Nicholas Prost in the 2010 Renault at Paul Ricard

Nicholas Prost in the 2010 Renault at Paul Ricard, photo by Nicholas Garcia


As for the Russian Grand Prix at the new, yet to be built, Sochi circuit Alain Prost was in Russia last week for the first time and claims that the Sochi race will be a major milestone. With Formula One going to new venues across the world every year pretty much it would be easy for the Russian Grand Prix to be considered in similar terms to India or Korea. Back in 1986 though when communist Hungary first hosted a Grand Prix, replacing Apartheid South Africa, it was a major milestone and Prost thinks that the symbol of commercialism and consumerism that is Formula One, going to Russia for the first time is huge saying ‘ for me, it’s not just another Formula One race’.


Again though Prost’s opinions match that of many fans when it comes to using Tilke as the designer for the Sochi circuit, “If we had more than one designer, that would be better, because you can always find new ideas and do something different” he said.