Sakhir (Bahrain) Overview

The Bahrain International circuit

Photo courtesy of Allan Donque

Bahrain is often visited by teams for pre season testing as well as the race, of course in 2011 both testing here and the race were cancelled. In 2012 Bernie says the race will go ahead though it seems unlikely the teams will choose to test here; last time most of the team’s had equipment already in Bahrain when testing was cancelled.


The 2012 Bahrain Grand Prix, scheduled for April the 22nd, is still in doubt no matter what Bernie Ecclestone says: unless he has a crystal ball no one can say for sure what state the country will be in by then. The government in Bahrain may also want to cancel it: thus far the atention that crackdowns on protest movements have recieved in the Western Media have been limited and it would seem unlikey that Bahrain would want to bring attention to them or to allow protestors to use the event as a platform. What many believe is that Bernie knows this and is waiting for the Bahraini Government to cancel the race themselves so that the race organisers still have to pay him a hefty fee, which they wouldn’t if Ecclestone was to cancel the race himself. On the 20th of February though two months before the event tickets have finally gone on sale and at a press conference the circuit chief executive tried to reassure people the race would go ahead.


Forgetting that the Bahrain International Circuit is in Bahrian for a minute though it is a modern circuit with good facilities though many racers and spectators aren’t fans of the circuit itself. Alonso however does seem to like racing here, or at least he is good at it having won three times. Felipe Massa has also won here twice and Button and Schumacher are the other two winners at Sakhir.