Bahrain Al Fateh Grand Mosque

Bahrain Al Fateh Grand Mosque, Photo by Jacobs of Creative Bees

Bahrain may be a interesting place to visit but ongoing protests and the Government’s reaction to them is currently hurting tourism badly, and business.


Any fans of architecture and enginnering will find the NBB Tower and other modern building projects and the reclaimation of land around the coast of Bahrain are impressive but Bahrain despuite its modern exterior is a country with over 4,000 years of history.


The national museum is a great palce to visit if you want to learn more about Bahrain’s history including as part of Persia and as a British possesion as well as right up to becoming a Kingdom in 2002.  Manama is Bahrain’s capiatal and where the National museum can be found as well as a great choice of shopping and places to eat and drink. The Sakhir dessert based Bahrain International Circuit is about 20 miles /30 kilometers, a thirty minute drive, south of Manama next to the Univesity of Bahrain campus.