2010 Bahrain Grand Prix - Sunday

Start of the 2010 Bahrain Grand Prix , Photo Courtesy of LG EPR

Sakhir isn’t the most popular track among fans who see little action or drivers who find it tricky and complain about the flow of the circuit.


There are few opportunities for overtaking at Sakhir and the circuit seems to have the effect of fanning out cars more than almost any other. Heat is a real issue here, especially at the beggining of the season with new cars. What this means though is that firstly drivers avoid driving too close behind the car in front to get slightly cooler air into their cars and secondly retirements are more likely, meaning that midfield teams have a good chance of picking up some good points.


A dirty, sandy track can also be an issue on Friday but the track is usually cleaned up by Saturday and Sunday; unless there is some breeze blowing dessert on to the track. In either case though going out too wide is more costly here than at many tracks and this may affect how useful DRS is, something we obviously didn’t find out about in 2011.


You may rememeber that in 2010 there was an extended layout at Bahrain with a few slow corners added, well they have now reverted to the old layout for 2012 onwards after it made little difference to the racing.


The first two corners especially fan-out cars at the start; there is little room here, especially at the first corner. It is likely therefore that you will see some action here and so this is a good place to sit, even if just for the first corner action: this also may be the end of the DRS zone. What the tight corners here and elsewhere on the track do also mean though is that drivers complain they can’t get into  a rhythm on the circuit; whether this makes mistakes more likely is difficult to say. Many drivers do lose it at turns 13 and 14 and go out onto the run-offs, which do at least give a penalty here by covering their tyres in sand here  if nothing else.