Silverstone have many new tarmaced car parks

Silverstone have many new tarmaced car parks, photo by Keith Williams

A few years ago a disastrous British Grand Prix weekend with traffic chaos and cars stuck in boggy parking fields led to the future of the race at Silverstone being questioned, though moving the event to April was probqably never a good idea and it was soon moved back to July and problems since then have been a little less severe if not totally non-existant.


Ahead of what is expected to be a wet weekend for the 2012 British Grand Prix this July weekend though the circuit owners and race organisers have announced that they have contingency plans in place and have invested £1 million in traffic control solutions.


Circuit Boss Richard Phillips told journalists that they will try to pre-empt any problems and said “……we have contingency plans in place, whether we use them or not will be reviewed as we go on, and that is looked at every four hours”


Though the circuit now has many more tarmaced car parks and car parks with tarmaccecd roads to stop busy points turning into quagmires it seems that organisers will keep a close eye on weather forecast and any met office warnings and may squeeze cars into hard standing car parks if needed to avoid use of fields: meaning that clearing car parks after the race will take longer but no one will get completely stuck.