The Luffield Complex where one of Silverstone's new stands will be built

The Luffield Complex where one of Silverstone's new stands will be built, photo courtesy of Silverstone Circuits Ltd

It seems every year recently the Silverstone circuit is being improved, great news for British motorsport fans and with the latest improvements especially good news if you have been struggled to get tickets for the 2012 British grand prix.


The British Grand Prix tends to sell out and therefore new Grandstands have now been built and will be ready for this year’s Grand Prix in July. The Luffield Complex Grandstand and Silverstone Grandstands will add an extra 3,500 seats, though this only adds about 2-3% to the capacity: with last year’s attendance being 315,000 people over the course of the entire weekend with many grandstand tickets and general admission tickets sold out. Reports are though that ticket sales are up 10% already this year, this will be in part due to new grandstands but also may include better sales for Friday and Saturday. The fact that the McLarens have looked strong in the first two races of the 2012 season may also have boosted ticket sales as a British victory for either Hamilton or Button looks highly plausible.


Silverstone’s updates aren’t over yet though, the new Luffield grandstand takes space that was previously general admission but those with general admission tickets will be able to watch from the new hill soon. The hill to be built in the area where the old paddock was will be probably the world’s biggest hill stand with unrivalled views across about half of the circuit and it is expected an atmosphere that will be an experience in itself.


The Luffield grandstand is unsurprisingly at the Luffield complex while the unimaginatively named Silverstone grandstand is on the national pit straight: maybe the lack of imaginative names signals that naming rights will be available to any interested sponsors. Luffield grandstand tickets will be in the Gold category while Silverstone grandstand tickets offer better value in the Silver category.