Silverstone the village isn’t worth saying very much about except that it is a small traditional English village; Towchester is the nearest town and it isn’t very special either. It is the towns of Northampton and Buckingham that many people stay in during the grand prix weekend, if not camping, as well as Milton Keynes.


Milton Keynes is a large new town, it has shops, bowling alleys and the like but not much else to do if you want to sightsee. Buckingham is better from a sightseeing point of view: the old county town has a long history and sights include the old county jail which contains a museum. Northampton is also a town with a long history and much larger than Buckingham but there is surprisingly little to see here though it has a modern town centre.


The beautiful city of Oxford

The beautiful city of Oxford, photo by Marc Wilmore

Oxford is a little further from Silverstone but not too far and it is truly one of England’s most beautiful cities. As well as the university the city has a lot of history dating back to Saxon times and great museums including the Ashmolean museum of Art and Archaeology.


Of course if you are coming to England you may want to see London and it is only around an hour to two hours from Silverstone. It is difficult to know where to start with what to see in London, Tower Bridge, the Houses of Parliament, The Museums and Art Galleries and then of course it is one of the World’s best cities for shopping as well. Those who enjoy Formula One though will perhaps especially enjoy the Science Museum or the London Transport Museum.