Felipe Massa heading up Eau Rouge at Spa

Felipe Massa heading up Eau Rouge at Spa, photo by Nic Redhead

Year after year the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa creates fantastic races, a little rain helps but isn’t essential. 2006 was a sad year for Formula One fans when there was no race at Spa but hopefully it is now set to stay on the calendar, having said that it may have to share a slot with France and become bi-annual.


Set in the Ardennes a trip to Spa is perhaps a good option for those who like camping and hiking through beautiful scenery if you want to make it into a longer holiday. Having said this with its place on the UK’s August Bank Holiday many British fans come here on the way back from a holiday elsewhere in Europe.


Spa currently has a contract lasting until 2013 so there should be a 2013 Belgian Grand Prix but  there are ongoing discussions that may see the Belgian Grand Prix alternating with the French Grand Prix which could start from 2013 but now is more likely to be from 2014, securing the Belgium Grand Prix’s ongoing future but making it a Bi-Annual event sadly.