The Fountain of Spa's Casino Gardens

The Fountain of Spa's Casino Gardens, photo by Jean-Pol Grandmont

Spa is actually a little distance from the modern track, though the original 14 km circuit came much closer to it. Francorchamps is closer to the circuit but this is a much smaller, if not unpleasant, village.


The town Spa unsurprisingly is a Spa town with hot springs which can still be enjoyed today, it is spas though which get their name from this town rather than the other way round, this being one of Europe’s oldest Spas towns dating to the 14th Century.


Liège the Saint-Lambert place and the Prince-bishops Palace

Liège the Saint-Lambert place and the Prince-bishops Palace, photo by Jean-Pol Grandmont

Liege is the closest large city to the Spa-Francorchamps circuit and Belgium’s third largest. It is more modern than some of Belgium’s cities but is ancient at the same time. The city of a hundred spires has plenty to see including the 16th century Bishop’s palace, and Liege Cathedral. It also features the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art and being Belgium the food and drink are excellent in the city’s restaurants. The Meuse river runs slowly through the city and has a number of elegant bridges; the city is also great for shopping and entertainments including at the Cities impressive Opera House.


The Ardennes area is beautiful for exploring with plenty of opportunities for walking and cycling and also a number of war memorials to visit as the Battle of the Bulge took place in thsi area, the last major German offesnive of world war two and Bastogne is of particular interest.


Close to the circuit there are a few smaller towns including Stavelot with its Motorsport museum and Malmedy a pretty town with plenty of shops, restaurants and hotels and a church that in fact served as a cathedral for a short period after the first world war: when the small city was annexed by Belgium from Germany as part of the treaty of Versailles.