Suzuka's City Hall. photo by Bakkai

Suzuka City is located on Ise bay across from Nagoya and not far from Osaka, about 2 hours drive. The circuit is on the outskirts of the city but being a city of only around 200,000 people getting to the city centre is no problem if this is where you choose to stay.


Suzuka is a major interchange between three major rail lines and has a mix of people from across the country as well as a large Brazilian population. It is primarily an industrial city but gives a good impression of what a typical Japanese city is like. Outside of the city you will find the Osaka Quasi national park.



Nagoya's Castle by night, photo by Andreas Juraschek (Public Domain)

Nagoya nearby is a much larger city with over 8 Million people living in the larger metropolitan area. It includes museums, theatres, parks and a zoo and may be a better place to explore if you are planning on staying in the area for several days before or after the Grand Prix.