A typical wet race at Silverstone in 2008, Photo by Ligreq

Unsurprisingly, given the option to take an extra test session mid season or wait until the season is almost over, ten teams have told Pirelli they will need tyres for a Young Driver’s Test to take place at Silverstone in July shortly after the British Grand Prix rather than at Abu Dhabi.


Only Red Bull and Toro Rosso will wait until the Abu Dhabi Young Driver’s test, perhaps showing their dedication to bringing young drivers through the ranks so that the Red Bull teams can focus on running young drivers without the distraction of gaining data for the second half of the season’s developments. There is also a potential to gain an advantage at Abu Dhabi testing next season’s tyres early, which Red Bull may have in mind; they may be even thinking about switching to development early and giving up on a title challenge in 2012?


Now for anyone wondering it has been confirmed that teams can still pull out of Silverstone’s young driver test, this is of course likely to be advisable if the rain pours down but it also means teams can keep their options open, importantly though once a car leaves the pits they have chosen to run at Silverstone and won’t be able to run at Abu Dhabi.


It will be interesting to see who drives at Silverstone in the Young Drivers test and there is a chance that someone like Gary Paffet or Marc Gene could be eligible and used by teams to get the most development out of their cars. Mclaren are already planning to run Gary Paffet at Mugello, alongside Oliver Turvey ,showing the faith they have in what they see more as development drivers than young drivers perhaps.


For other teams though the test will be a good chance to test drivers that some teams may even consider giving a race towards the end of the year if they are dissatisfied with a current driver and have seen enough at Silverstone to convince them a young driver is ready.

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