Valencia by night

Valencia by night photo by Frank Müller

The Valencia Street Circuit is located at Valencia’s Harbour and there are great beaches right next to the north side of the circuit near turn 8.


Though the race is in the summer and it might be tempting to stay near the circuit and relax on the beach Valencia is a great city. Valencia the city is very modern, trendy and business orientated, Valencia the region is however more rural and with many Orange Groves and Orchards found around.


Valencia the city is Spain’s third largest and has a long history including its time as a Moorish city before being re-conquered in 1238 by Aragon. Valencia then grew into a major Mediterranean port but unlike some it has maintained a charm that makes it a great holiday destination: the city as a result could be described as having two centres. One is close to the beaches and the harbour and built around tourism and the other is a business centre but also the older part of the city. We recommend that if you like architecture and history you do base yourselves in the old city or at least allow time to enjoy it.


There is the old town square, the Plaza de la Reina, the Gothic 15th Century Cathedral – with a bell tower open to tourists looking for a view of the city- , and the Silk Exchange – The Lonja de la Sdea-, which is a world heritage site.


Around the old city are modern buildings and also beautiful parks and you will find good food and drink wherever you go in the city, it is the Valencia region where Paella was first created.

The Valencian Old City photo by Frank Müller

The Valencian Old City photo by Frank Müller