Abu Dhabi's south straight

Abu Dhabi's southern straight looking towards turn ten, photo by Jitesh Jagadish

How Tilke managed to design the Abu Dhabi Formula One circuit without including any overtaking spots may never be understood but fans lets be honest don’t enjoy this race and drivers though they may enjoy it over one lap aren’t particularly keen on it. After the 2010 showdown Alonso and Webber have particular reasons to dislike Abu Dhabi.


How could the 2010 showdown with four challengers be anything but exhilarating? Well somehow the Abu Dhabi grand prix managed to neutralise perhaps the most anticipated race ever. Cars pitted at the wrong time and got stuck behind slower cars with absolutely no way to pass. This is Fernando Alonso primarily who we are talking about on Petrov, a good rookie but a rookie none the less, you can’t help feel that even at Monaco Alonso could have done it, at least there you can follow the car in front closely at Abu Dhabi it just fans cars out.


abu-dhabi- turns11-12

Abu Dhabi turns 11, 12, 13, photo by Jitesh Jagadish

One feature of the Abu Dhabi track that is impressive is seeing the cars go full pelt down the back straight and this is where you are likely to see the most action, though where on the straight passes will happen next year will depend on whether they decide to tweak the DRS so the pass happens at least in the vicinity of the corner.