Korean Grand Prix grid 2010

The Korean Grand Prix grid 2010, photo by Waegook Cook

South Korea is a modern country with fantastic modern cities like Seoul but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee the success of the Grand Prix and crowds in 2011 were poor. The circuit is far from Seoul or other major cities for that matter, the area will be built up around the circuit which will we are told become a city circuit, but as yet the city isn’t started and the surrounding area is rural and sparsely populated.


This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t visit the circuit though and if you have always wanted to visit South Korea you may as well take in the race as well.


Perhaps the 2010 race that was run for many laps behind a safety car with Alonso eventually winning as dark descended put fans off but 2011 was better. In 2011 Vettel and Hamilton battled at the start, a safety car reset things when Schumacher and Petrov came together and Hamilton and Vettel battled for much of the rest of the race with Vettel passing Hamilton late on to take one of his more difficult wins of 2011.


The racetrack has few very fast turns and is tight in parts, turns 12 to 16 especially are a tight series of turns that will see a driver who gets off line early on in the section wrong footed right through: still a good place to watch though. Turn 1 may be the best place to sit, partly for the start and partly because this is one of the two main overtaking points on the circuit, the other is the slow right hander at turn three.